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About us

In the heart of Kashubia, in the picturesque pine forest – there is Antoniewo – our agritourism farm. Who hasn’t been to Tuchola Forest yet – really has to visit us. In our agritourism farm you can relax on the nature’s bosom and you can profit here from what our ‘mother nature’ has given us. You are invited to spend your family holiday here!

The agritourism farm is run by Mrs Lucyna and Mr Wieslaw – who is a long-term local forest officer here. Mrs Lucyna will feed each and every guest and pamper every child. And Mr Wiesław will tell you secrets hidden deep in the Tuchola Forest and will let you know the best spots for picking berries, raspberries and mushrooms.

The cuisine in Antoniewo is something that our guests remember pleasantly for a long time and what attracts new guests to come to Antoniewo. Our hostess prepares the local meals with passion and love. They are served at a huge, common table in a specious dining-room. We only use agricultural produce grown on our farm to prepare the meals. We grow our own vegetables, which are then used for preparing sandwiches. We also have an impressive cellar full of delicious preserves, which have been made by our hostess. If our guests would like some sausages, we also organize a BBQ or a bonfire-feast. Your overnight stays with us will be unforgetable!

Autumn in Antoniewo – is mainly a mushroom-picking time. Mrs Lucyna and Mr Wiesław are keen mushroom pickers and they know what to do in order for mushroom-picking to be a success. During that time, there is plenty of drying mushroom all around our farm. Mrs Lucyna serves a delicious mushroom soup and thick cep-sauce. You are invited to come for a mushroom-picking weekend to our Agritourism Farm Antoniewo!

Our farm is situated 100m away from the road, far away from other houses and only 3 km from the lake Płęsno, to the nearest town – Brusy we have 11 km.

Antoniewo is an ideal spot for the whole family to relax in the heart of Kashubia. We are inviting all the nature-lovers, anglers and in general everyone who wants to relax far away from the city clamour.

Contact us

Antoniewo W. i L. Bojanowscy

Antoniewo Wybudowania 4a
89-632 Brusy

+48 537 387 022